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10 Ingredients of Composition Mastery

By Ignacio Palacios, Master of Photography

Composition is the backbone of photography and is, in my opinion, the most important photographic element in creating compelling images. At its core, composition is about visual strength. It’s the artful mastery of geometry, order and vision. Composition is control. Unfortunately, composition isn’t easy. It can be bloody hard.

So, I’m going to share with you the 10 ingredients of composition mastery. Before I can do that, it’s important I share the foundation of these ingredients because I appreciate you could find thousands of composition cheat-sheets on google right now. Trust me, I’ve checked nearly every google result out there.

The problem is, I found a lot of the advice a bit general, vague and hard to apply. So, I took a different route. I studied the images of the world’s best photographers, I watched local and global photography competitions (hanging on every word the judges said), I sought out mentors, and I spent countless hours practising and refining my composition craftsmanship.



“My goal with this book is to share my knowledge, accelerate your journey to improving your composition and hopefully save you valuable time and avoid much of the heart break I have been through in the process.“ Ignacio Palacios

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About the author... Who is Ignacio Palacios?

When it comes to photography and travel, few can rival Ignacio Palacios’ experience, skill, and passion. A third-generation photographer, Ignacio has been honoured with over 100 prestigious photography prizes and awards from around the world and has travelled to over 90 countries in his 20 years career. It’s little wonder he’s developed a reputation as a leading photographer in the fields of travel, landscape, and nature photography. Born in Spain, Ignacio now calls Sydney, Australia home – though his unmistakable Spanish spirit continues to influence his work and define his signature style.

Combining his love of travel and photography has proved a powerful combination, and today Ignacio leads some of the world’s best photography tours to incredible destinations around the world. As an AIPP double Master of Photography, Ignacio shares his insight, experience, and technique with his clients to help them find their own success and joy on their photographic journey.

“I hope that through my images and my tours, I can open people’s eyes to the incredible world we live in. I want to give my guests both travel and photographic experience. We are privileged to have such a beautiful planet and it’s our responsibility to respect, cherish and protect it.”

Ignacio’s distinct, award-winning style can be defined by his mastery of composition, colour, and light. With his minimalistic style and unique ability to connect with his audience through storytelling through his images, Ignacio invites his audience to experience the subject not as how he captured it, but how he experienced it, evoking an emotional connection between the viewer, subject and artist. Photography and travel will always be Ignacio’s passion, and he is dedicated to helping others ignite their passion too.

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The 10 ingredients have been born from countless hours practising and refining my composition craftmanship and are the principles I practice today. I’m sharing these with you because I want to save you from the same heart-ache, save you time, and hopefully help you become the best photographer you can be.

1. Colour
2. Light
3. Leading Lines
4. Balance & Symmetry
5. Simplicity
6. Pattern & Rhythm
7. Contrast
8. Depth & Perspective
9. Subject Placement
10. Breaking the Rules

"Taking your images to where you always have wanted to see them"

"I have been at this business an awfully long time. I have met and photographed with Ignacio in many corners of the planet.  This book is like having Ignacio standing next to you. He generously shares secrets and tips on how to achieve the kind of images you have always dreamed of. He has a sense of humor as well as a masterful eye towards composition and technique. 10 Ingredients of Composition Mastery is one of a kind and worth every penny"

Kevin Raber, CEO and publisher www.photoPXL.com

10 Ingredients of Composition Mastery

Each ingredient may not sound revolutionary at this point, but trust me, if you know how to use each ingredient individually, and then combine them in the right way... magic happens!

That’s why I’m going to dive into each ingredient with you, revealing the insight, skills and techniques I’ve used to create award-winning images and build a career as a professional photographer.


A Word From The Author

A lot of thought and consideration has been put into the individual sections and the collection of images that makes up this book to present them in a way that is easy to read, empowering and educational. I hope you thoroughly enjoy them, and you feel inspired to use the practical, applicable knowledge contained within to take your photography to a whole new level.” Ignacio Palacios

What is covered

The one thing that separates dull photos from great photos is understanding that people tend to view images in predictable ways.  

Understanding the way people view photos enables you to create images that communicate your message. With this book you’ll be able to put everything you’ll learn about composition into action. 
You’ll have a simple step-by-step approach that will let you make great decisions, and create great photos.

A Word From The Author

What if I told you that you can easily learn how to take amazing, eye-catching photos without spending years studying photography or having the latest, and most expensive camera and lenses in the world?

There are a number of compositional rules that you will see repeated in many of the images as I’ve come to recognise them as a common component of award-winning imagery. A lof of my guests ask me:

  • “What’s the number one thing that I can do to make my photos stand out?”
  • ​“How are those professional photographers capturing such stunning images?” 
  • ​“Sometimes I see great scenes and landscapes in great light, but I can’t turn them into amazing photos!” 

Composition is about the use of lines, light, contrast, colour. All of this will be explored in depth within this book. Learning how to see and how to create great imagery is not just about having a good eye or about having your eyes open, but about having an open mind but this is something that I will explore in more depth in other books..

It is not always easy to put into words a personal photography style and vision and to explain composition. I know for me there has been a lot of trial and error, blood, sweat and tears gone into understanding the qualities, approaches and techniques that work and don’t work in supporting my own. I hope that this book will support your journey towards refining your style and help fast-track your image-making to an award-winning standard through some of the insights, concepts and strategies that have been laid out for you to follow.

Are you tired of your photographs not looking great?

"Understanding composition is one of the fastest ways to create amazing images. But learning about composition can be quite frustrating and takes a long time. Information out there is vague and confusing. And it never leaves you feeling like you really know how to create great images! 

This book will walk you through the various ingredients of composition with a complete description and visual references and will help you to understand composition faster and to create better images"

Adam Williams AIPP Master of Photography

Adam William is a respected teacher and mentor of over 8000 students through Easy Way Photography

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