Welcome to my blog. Here I will post photographs of my travels, news about my current projects, post-processing articles, photography workshops and photography tips. I hope this blog gives me the opportunity to share my photography and travel passions and what I have learnt in this journey in the last 20 years.

║ What's in my bag ?

Medium Format Equipment

With 40 megapixels, this camera produces extra-sharp, super-high resolution images. This will be used exclusively for landscape photography, mainly at sunrise and sunset.

- Pentax 645D medium format
- 55 mm f2.8 AL (IF) SDM AW
- 25 mm F4 AL (IF) SDM AW
- 300 mm SMCP-FA FA 645 - designed for film with with some fine autofocus tuning  works perfectly
- 120 mm FA 645 F4 MACRO
- x1.4 teleconverter that I use with the 300mm when I want to reach very far
- Pentax shutter release cable
- 2 x Markins Plates P67U - to be able to put the camera vertically in the tripod

"Small" camera

I have been thinking of a good combination of cameras to take to the trip. I have all Nikon gear but I was not convinced by the quality of the D800E compared to the Pentax so I have decided to take the Pentax and to buy the Fuji XT-1 to shoot during the day. The Fuji XT-1 is small and light and I think it complements the Pentax perfectly. The camera is great to photograph people and travel shots. It is not intrusive and for people portraits and other travel shots I like to walk with the camera around my neck all the time. I can't do this with the Pentax. So I will use the Pentax during sunrise and sunset and the rest of the time it will be in the car or in the hotel.

The XT-1 will be my video camera too.

- Fuji XT-1 body
- XF 18-55 mm lens f/2.8-4 R LM OIS
- 10-20 mm lens - not shown in the photograph but is coming with me
- Markins L-Bracket Camera L-Plate (PF-T1 + LF-T1) for Fujifilm X-T1
- Fuji XT-1 flash (comes with the camera)

Tripod and head

- Gitson GT1541T
- Markins head Q3 Emille Travel

This is the best combination of travel tripod I have found. It is very light and small and it holds my medium format. The photographs are tack sharp. I don't need a bigger tripod when I am travelling for a long  period of time. I probably don't need a bigger tripod full stop. Too much hassle and weight. I will not bring my RRS Sliding Panoramic MPR-CL II NOdal Slice and PCL-1 Pannig Clamp. Too heavy to travel and not essential.


- f-stop Satori EXP with a small ICU camera pro - This is my check-in luggage and takes the 300mm, the 120mm lenses and the x1.4 teleconverter
- Lowepro Pro Runner 350 AW - will take most of the equipment in this bag - this is my hand luggage. It weight  around 10.5kg. If I have issues, I put a lense and some weight in the f-stop Satori EXP

Other equipment

- Iphone 4s and charger - will be changing SIM cards in every country I visit
- Ipad and charger
- Laptop computer ASUS Inter Core i7, 16 GB RAM, 500 SSHD, charger and mini mouse with the following software installed:

- Photoshop
- Bridge
- Lightroom
- Nik Software
- Helicon Focus
- PTGui
- Photomatix
- Capture One
- Adobe InDesign
- ProShow
- fotoQuote Pro 6
- Adobe DNG converter
- Microsoft Office
- Nero


- Filter holder and 66 to 77 mm converter ring
- Neutral Density and Polarizing filters in two sizes to fit the Pentax 25 mm and the 55 mm lens

Batteries and battery chargers

- Jackery Giant Rechargeable Battery - for up to 220 hours extra of operation time. I can charge my batteries, iphone and ipad if I am on the road for a long time or in a remote location
- Belkin Travel Surge with USB - to be able to charge two/three devices if there is only one power point
- Fujifilm World Adaptor plus USB charger
- 2 x Pentax Battery chargers - I take two chargers and I keep one charger in the Lowepro and the other one in the Satori EXP. If you lose a charger, you might not find another one for a while so I always take two chargers
- 1 x Fuji XT-1 charger
- Three Pentax Batteries (One battery in the camera and the other batteries/chargers one in each bag)
- Two Fuji Batteries

Memory Cards and Storage

- 3x32GB SanDisk Extreme Pro SDHC 95MB 633X (2 for the Pentax and 1 for the Fuji)
- Cleaning equipment (sensor cleaning kit, blower etc.)
- 2 x 2 TB - Ultra My Passport Hard drives - I keep one in the Lowepro and the other one in the Satori EXP. The hard drives have a catalogue with high resolution photographs of my trips that I might need to send to clients, or to work on different projects.
- Memory Card Case Pelican for SD cards
- 2 x Hard Drive Cases for protection - one soft and one hard/Pelican type. I keep the soft one in the Lowepro and the Pelican in the Satori
- 500 GB -  Solid State Hard Drive Samsung - This one has a selection of photographs and videos and it is always in my pocket
- USB cables - different types


- Headlamp
- Kindle with a few novels
- Business cards
- 1 year Travel Insurance with Columbus Travel
- 1 year Equipment Insurance with PPIB

What's in my bag ?

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