By Ignacio Palacios, AIPP Master of Photography I

Are you seeking honest, constructive and meaningful feedback on your imagery? Are you searching for your unique voice in the world of photography? Perhaps you have thought about entering your images in competitions, yet the whisper in your ear is holding you back? If you are experiencing any of these scenarios, you would benefit from presenting your images through my newly released initiative, a One-on-One Portfolio Review Session.

Identify your key shots and gain in-depth feedback on composition, camera craft and some suggestions regarding your editing from a multi award-winning Double Master of Photography. You will learn as to the reasons why some images work and why others don’t and how your imagery may be improved from a technical or creative perspective.

During our One-on-One Portfolio Review Session, we will discuss and “dissect” the images technically, compositionally and from a storytelling point of view. We will learn some simple post-production techniques and suggestions that will strengthen your images and discover your personal style. At the end of the session, we will set up an assignment with some targets to get you on the right track!

Whether you are thinking of creating a Portfolio Book, producing a large print, entering a photography competition, or perhaps hoping to gain some much-needed confidence, this One-on-One Portfolio Review Session will be of great benefit going forward on your photographic journey.  

You may feel intimidated in taking this step initially and it is important to ask yourself as to what is holding you back. The importance of professional feedback and constructive criticism to improve your craft will be a great leap forward, providing you with knowledge, confidence and problem-solving techniques. I truly believe that this experience will assist you to grow as a photographer and it is one of the best ways to gain an understanding of how others perceive your work.

Preparing for a One-on-One Portfolio Review Session may be a difficult experience as choosing and culling your images is often a task where personal feelings get in the way – you are already on the road to greater knowledge as you sift through your imagery and select what you feel are your strongest images.

How does a One-on-One Portfolio Review Session work?

Send an email to confirm that you would like to have a session. We will lock a suitable time slot in and you will then need to select and forward the ten images that you wish to have critiqued, by email or via Dropbox. Its’ as easy as that!


Who is Ignacio Palacios?

When it comes to photography and travel, few can rival Ignacio Palacios’ experience, skill, and passion. A third-generation photographer, Ignacio has been honoured with over 100 prestigious photography prizes and awards from around the world and has travelled to over 90 countries in his 20 years career. It’s little wonder he’s developed a reputation as a leading photographer in the fields of travel, landscape, and nature photography.

Born in Spain, Ignacio now calls Sydney, Australia home – though his unmistakable Spanish spirit continues to influence his work and define his signature style.

Combining his love of travel and photography has proved a powerful combination, and today Ignacio leads some of the world’s best photography tours to incredible destinations around the world. As an AIPP double Master of Photography, Ignacio shares his insight, experience, and technique with his clients to help them find their own success and joy on their photographic journey.

“I hope that through my images and my tours, I can open people’s eyes to the incredible world we live in. I want to give my guests both travel and photographic experience. We are privileged to have such a beautiful planet and it’s our responsibility to respect, cherish and protect it.”

Ignacio’s distinct, award-winning style can be defined by his mastery of composition, colour, and light. With his minimalistic style and unique ability to connect with his audience through storytelling through his images, Ignacio invites his audience to experience the subject not as how he captured it, but how he experienced it, evoking an emotional connection between the viewer, subject and artist.

Photography and travel will always be Ignacio’s passion, and he is dedicated to helping others ignite their passion too.