About the Tour

Embark on a fascinating journey into the heart of the great Caucasus.

Explore a destination of unrivalled photographic potential.

As if taking a step back in time, you’ll discover a place where old-world European charm meets spectacular landscapes, where medieval architecture complements a culture born from a history that spans thousands of years.

Often overlooked, Georgia and Armenia present the passionate photographer with inspiration beyond the imagination; with dramatic hillsides that give way to majestic snow-capped mountains, pagan monuments that sit beside Christian monasteries, and picturesque rural communities that are home incredible characters you’ll never forget. Not only will you experience and photograph the natural and historic beauty of Georgia and Armenia, but you’ll be immersed in a rich culture of art and music infused with the magnetism of modern Europe while indulging in delicious cuisine that reflects the region’s Mediterranean, Middle East, and Eastern Europe influences.

This is a tour that will not only change the way you photograph but the way you see the world.


  • Ride the “Wings of Tatev” to visit the jewel of Armenian architecture, the 9th-century Tatev Monastery.
  • Stand at the birthplace of Christianity, as you photograph rare medieval religious architecture and marvel at a small church that balances precariously on a 40m high limestone monolith tower.
  • Journey to the “Pearl of the Black Sea” and sample the delights of Georgia’s summer holiday capital.
  • Test your courage on the Okatse Canyon skywalk as you photograph the vibrant green forests, sparkling waterfalls and dramatic limestone canyon 100m below.
  • Visit and photograph one of the highest inhabited settlements in Europe, to witness stunning snow-capped peaks, ancient Svan towers, and medieval villages.
  • Ride jeeps to the base of the Tetnuldi Mountain to photograph some of Europe’s most spectacular landscapes.
  • Journey into the haunting vaulted antechamber of caravanserai built by a 13th-century prince.
  • Photograph Armenian shepherds against a striking mountainous backdrop.
  • Capture a land of rich history, deeply hospitable people, quaint rural villages, cosmopolitan capitals, converging cultures, and breathtaking natural beauty.



1st to 15th September 2021


15 days


Exclusively up to 12 guests


USD$8,490 twin share, with an optional single room supplement of USD$1,490


  • An all inclusive 14 days and 15 nights in Georgia and Armenia
  • All accomodation and meals throughout the tour
  • All excursions and activities
  • The best english speaking guides
  • All internal transfers
  • Entrance fees into heritage sites and local taxes
Photography tour to Georgia and Armenia with Ignacio Palacios
Georgia Armenia and the caucasus Photography Tour and Workshop with Ignacio Palacios 2021


  • Enjoy one-on-one tuition, guidance and expert advice from a multi-award-winning professional photographer.
  • You’ll learn the secrets to mastering the art of composition and light in your photography.
  • Explore pre-visualisation techniques and learn about the creative process.
  • Learn game-changing editing tips and tricks with special processing workshops throughout the tour.
  • Learn expert techniques for landscape photography, travel photography, wildlife photography and portrait photography. While also working on aerial, black and white, and astrophotography.
  • Should you dream of entering and winning photography competitions, or you simply wish to push yourself as a photographer, I’ll offer you professional critique sessions throughout the tour.
  • Experience the powerful mastermind effect of connecting with likeminded photographers and adventure seekers.
Travel to Georgia & Armenia with award winning travel photographer Ignacio Palacios