I am organising some very exciting photography workshops to some incredible locations. Unlike many other workshops, our tours are fully devoted to the pursuit of photography. We are actually not a tour in the traditional sense of the word, our goal is to be at the right spot at the right time and to provide an incredible photography experience. I work with some of the best photography instructors all over the world.


South Sudan with Trevor Cole – Tribal Traits and Traditions – CLOSED

20 - 31 January 2024

Join Ignacio and Trevor on an unforgettable photography tour to South Sudan. We will seek the best moments, light and opportunities to compose shots, which reflect upon those inimitable moments.

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Atacama and Altiplano with Marsel Van Oosten – SOLD OUT

11 - 23 February 2024

Join Ignacio and wildlife photographer of the year Marsel Van Oosten on an unforgettable photography tour to the breathtaking deserts of the El Salar de Uyuni, the Altiplano, and Atacama of Chile and Bolivia.

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Puna De Atacama High Deserts with Marsel Van Oosten – TWO SPOTS LEFT

27 February - 11 March 2024

This is a rare photography adventure with two world-class photographers to photograph the most remarkable landscapes in the Argentina. You’ll have the chance to experience the iconic Argentina landscapes and culture.

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Socotra UNESCO World Heritage Island, Yemen – POSTPONED

Late March - Early April 2024

Join Ignacio on an unforgettable photography tour to Socotra. Socotra is a UNESCO World Heritage island known for its unique and diverse flora and fauna, with many species found nowhere else in the world and making it an incredible destination for photography.

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Amazing Australia East, South East and the Red Centre FULLY BOOKED – Waiting list

4 - 20 May 2024

Join Ignacio and explore Australia including Sydney and its beautiful Blue Mountains in NSW, Uluru and the Red Centre in the NT, the Whitsundays and the Great Barrier Reef in QLD and Lake Eyre in SA.

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Zimbabwe – Land of wealth and beauty (2 SPOTS LEFT)

21 June - 2nd July 2024

Join Ignacio on an unforgettable photography tour to Zimbabwe, where you’ll embark on a privileged journey to four of Zimbabwe’s most pristine and photogenic reserves, and step across the border to witness the power of Victoria Falls.

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Kenya – Black Leopard/Panther Experience (3 spots left, closing soon)

4 -10 July 2024

Join or continue your African adventure with Ignacio to Kenya to photograph the elusive black panther. At Laikipia, you will also have the opportunity to photograph other animals such as lions, leopards, wild dogs, giraffes, elephants etc.

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Uganda, The Pearl of Africa (2 spots left, closing soon)

11 - 15 July 2024

Trek through the bamboo forests of the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in search of the majestic Mountain Gorillas and the Golden Monkeys in Uganda, the Pearl of Africa.

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The Great and Ancient Silk Road: All five Stans – 2 SPOTS LEFT

4 - 21 Sept 2024

Join Ignacio on an incredible photography tour to five of the Stans. Central Asia  and it Silk Road is a region that will spark curiosity, intrigue, and adventure. This trip will take you across borders, over high mountain passes.

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Chad, Gerewol Festival with Trevor Cole – THREE SPOTS TAKEN ALREADY

First week of October, dates TBC

Embark on an extraordinary adventure into Chad and the Gerewol Festival.  It’s an absolute delight for photographers. This colourful festival is one of Africa’s most spectacular and few westerners are privileged to see it.

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Sulawesi, The Hidden Gem of Indonesia – TWO SPOTS TAKEN ALREADY

17 Oct - 30 October 2025 - TBC

Join Ignacio to Sulawesi, a photographer’s dream come true, offering a diverse range of subjects, from charismatic primates to vibrant birdlife, stunning landscapes, and a rich tapestry of culture. Nestled in the heart of the Coral Triangle, this island is a treasure trove of unique photographic opportunities.

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Amazing Mexico, kingdom of wealth, land of treasures

30 November - 15 December 2024

Join Ignacio to this undeniably photographer’s paradise, offering a vibrant tapestry of diverse landscapes, cultures, and colors that captivate the lens

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Finland (Lapland) Winter Wonderland Photography Workshop – 3 spots taken

17 - 25 January 2025

Join Ignacio Palacios on a heartracing photography adventure into the heart of Finland’s northernmost region during the dazzling season of winter.

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Altiplano/Puna with Richard I’Anson. Chile, Bolivia and Argentina – FULLY BOOKED, waiting list

7 - 26 February 2025

Join me and Richard I’Anson on a heartracing photography adventure into the high deserts of Chile, Bolivia and the Puna Argentina.

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Explore the untamed beauty of South Luangwa, and the Lower Zambezi

5 - 14 April 2025

Photographing in Zambia is an immersion into the untamed soul of Africa, where every frame captures the raw poetry of nature.

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Amazing Australia. An exclusive Luxury Tour to WA and the NT – Only 1 spot available

9 May - 2 June 2025

Join Ignacio on an exclusive tour around WA and the NT. Australia is a photographer’s paradise: Aerial, astro, red sand dunes, powerfull waterfalls, gorges of ancient rock, swimming holes, pristine beaches, coral reefs and jungles.

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Tornados: chasing storms in the American Midwest – FULLY BOOKED

14 - 21 June 2025

Do something amazing in 2025 and join Richard I’Anson and myself on a heartracing photography adventure to photograph the incredible storms and tornados of Midwest USA.

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Iceland with Hans Strand Photography Workshop – 1 spot taken

27 June - 8 July 2025

Join Ignacio Palacios and Hans Strand on an amazing photography adventure into the heart of Iceland. June is a great time of the year to travel to Iceland highlands and its wild interior with speckles of snow, flowers in bloom and temperatures are quite comfortable.

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Greenland, Scoresby Sound, East Greenland – COMING SOON!

28 Aug - 8 Sept 2025 - dates TBC

Greenland is a great destination for landscape photography, especially the spectacular icebergs. Following a first winter expedition with WildPhoto to Svalbard in April 2023, we are now organizing an expedition to East Greenland in August 2025, and we a happy to welcome our clients and partners on an expeditions with MV Polar Pioneer.

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Ultimate China Experience – 27 days! – ONLY 2 SPOTS LEFT

4 - 30 September 2025

Embarking on this ultimate photography tour of China promises an unparalleled visual odyssey through a land of limitless wonders. From the sleek, futuristic skyline of Shanghai to the mystical allure of the Yellow Mountain, and the serene beauty of Hangzhou’s West Lake, this tour unfolds a panorama of diverse landscapes.

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Cypress Swamps, Louisiana and Texas, USA – JUST RELEASED

28 Oct - 4 November 2025

There are few wild places more magical than the hidden bayous of Louisiana and the last remaining stands of old growth cypress trees. During the fleeting autumn days, we’ll explore some hidden gems in Louisiana and east Texas from fog on the water to an abundance of bird life.

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Japan in Winter: Hokkaido, Snow Monkeys and Red-Cranes – SOLD OUT, Waiting list

10 - 24 February 2026

Japan in winter is as unique as it is beautiful, and over 14 unforgettable days, you’ll journey with an intimate group of passionate photographers across Japan’s archipelago of islands to photograph its most extraordinary winter-scapes.

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East Bhutan, Kingdom of the Himalayas – Spring Festivals and Dzongs

31 March - 13 April 2026

Welcome to Bhutan,  the last great Himalayan kingdom. A magical country where things are just done different! You can’t help but fall in love with a country that measures its success in units of Happiness!

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Av. of the Volcanoes and South Galapagos Islands – with Richard I’Anson – SOLD OUT, waiting list

5 - 22 May 2026

From the bustling markets and colonial charm of Quito to the untouched beauty of the South Galápagos Islands, this journey offers a visual feast for photographers seeking both cultural richness and natural wonders.

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Untamed Gems of Colombia: Hummingbirds, Caño Cristales, The Amazon, Tatacoa Desert – ONE SPOT TAKEN ALREADY

10 - 23 July 2026

Urban and architectural photos bursting with life, stories and a kaleidoscope of landscapes, wildlife and colours. Past the Escobar-years, Colombia can be visited safely and its invaluable treasures can be appreciated – you will fall in love with it!

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Japan in Autumn Photography Tour. Iconic Landscapes and Monuments in Autumn – COMING SOON

Dates TBC

Marvel at Japan’s most iconic landscapes and magnificent monuments painted in the golden hues of Autumn on this extraordinary two-week photography tour from Tokyo to Kyoto, Osaka to Hokkaido. Step back in time in the ancient age of Samurai and Geisha.

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2027 and Future Tours – TBC

Wonders of Persia Photography Tour: Discover Incredible Iran – POSTPONED

4 - 23 November 2026

Prepare for desert landscapes that unfold in an undeniably artistic way through a country of rare and remarkable beauty. Over 18 days you’ll marvel at vast and poetic deserts, majestic gorges, and discover a valley of stars that is truly dazzling.

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Georgia Armenia and the caucasus Photography Tour and Workshop with Ignacio Palacios 2021

Georgia, Armenia and the Great Caucasus Photography Tour

Dates TBC

Journey into the heart of the great Caucasus and discover a place where old-world European charm meets spectacular landscapes, where medieval architecture complements a cultural history spanning thousands of years.

Coming Soon


There are workshops and then there are really good workshops. I am a believer in providing the best workshops available and Ignacio shares that same goal. I have had the pleasure of working together with Ignacio for several workshops in Patagonia, Atacama and Lofoten, Norway. Each of these workshops took great planning which Ignacio handles extremely well. He’s fun, creative and a genius at Photoshop. Your experience by participating in one of his workshops will be very rewarding

Kevin RaberGuest Photographer Patagonia, Atacama and Lofoten workshops, CEO Luminous Landscape

The March 2014 Patagonia workshop was an excellent way for me to get to some of the best photographic locations in Patagonia. Secondly, the workshop enabled me to capture great landscapes and associated flora and fauna images. Thirdly, it enabled me to learn and increase my technical and creative skills in photography with subject matter experts. The workshop’s facilitators provided ongoing advice, support and ideas that challenged my way of thinking when photographing as well as providing me an almost encyclopaedic reference of new and relevant information to develop my photographic knowledge and skills. An enjoyable and very educational trip!

CraigPatagonia Workshop, March 2014

It’s been my pleasure to work with Ignacio on trips to Patagonia & Kamchatka and I’m now looking forward to teaming up again in Madagascar, Finland & Norway. A great deal of thought and planning goes into Ignacio’s tours in order to get participants to the right place at the right time to deliver numerous, wonderful photographic opportunities. He is also an outstanding photographer and very generous in sharing his knowledge. If you love photography and adventure travel you’ll love Ignacio’s tours.

Richard I'AnsonPatagonia 2015, Kamchatka 2017, Madagascar 2018, Scandinavia 2019

If you are looking for a wonderful photographic adventure led by the internationally renowned photographers Ignacio Palacios and Peter Eastway, this is the trip to do. The southern part of South America with its huge variety of scenery can be a photographer’s paradise: desert-like plains, snow-capped mountains, stunning glaciers and glacial lakes – all crying out to be photographed. And with the support and helpful comments from people like Ignacio and Peter – photographers at the top of their profession – this was indeed a workshop not be missed. A terrific experience – thank you!

John and JennyPatagonia, March 2014

In April 2015 I was very fortunate to experience the wilds of Patagonia – Patagonia in autumn is extraordinary. We were treated to perfect autumn weather – every one of the major peaks we visited, Torres del Paine, Mount Fitz Roy and Cerro Torro, were clearly visible as we stood before the magnificence of these amazing natural structures. And on our visits to Grey Glacier and Perito Moreno we had near perfect conditions – a rarity, especially for Perito Moreno, which is only clear on five days of every year. This brilliant photography tour was led by Ignacio Palacios and Richard I’Anson. I cannot express my gratitude enough to both for their absolute professionalism, generosity in terms of their time and willingness to share their expertise and for making this such a fun and exciting experience.

ClaraPatagonia Workshop, April 2015

This was a fantastic photography adventure, one of the best I have experienced. What a treat to have the guidance of Ignacio Palacios and Richard I’Anson. Their different approaches to capturing images and post processing provided a rich learning environment and prompted useful discussions and personal reflection. The itinerary was designed to maximize optimal lighting conditions for sunrise and sunset which in Patagonia is breathtaking. Lower tourist numbers at that time of the year made travel easier and gave us more time for a pisco sour or two. Getting up close and personal with magnificent glaciers, staying in a refugio, waiting for early light to hit the peaks, long hikes amidst the colours of autumn in El Chaltén and marveling at the most magic cloud formations were just a few of the highlights.

LouPatagonia Photography Workshop, April 2015

It is my pleasure to recommend Ignacio Palacios to anyone who is interested in doing sensational photographic tours. I have enjoyed travelling with Ignacio in the past, which is why I’m looking forward to future trips with him. Ignacio is a very competent photographer and also has excellent post processing skills. He is a good teacher, so anyone travelling with him will be bound to learn some very valuable skills and techniques.

Ken DuncanPatagonia/Altiplano 2017, Lofoten/Finland 2018, Puna 2018, Brazil 2019, Svalbard 2020

I have traveled and co-lead tours with Ignacio to Patagonia, the Atacama region and the Lofoten islands (Norway). All of them were really nice tours and I enjoyed traveling and photographing with him. Ignacio is a great photography instructor, tour leader and I am looking forward to do more adventures with him.

Art WolfePatagonia & Atacama 2016, Lofoten 2017

I travelled to Patagonia with Ignacio and it was a blast! I think the mark of a good travel leader is how he or she deals with problems - and when we had a few small issues with transport and weather, Ignacio always found a solution! We visited some amazing locations and Patagonia is certainly on my return list!

Peter EastwayAIPP Grand Master of Photography, Guest Photographer Patagonia 2014

I went to Patagonia with Ignacio in March of 2018. This was my third workshop with him. The first two were outstanding but this one was even more outstanding. His selection of the right spots to get the best shots were perfect. He would always take us to several spots to photograph the same landscape from different prospectives. Each location offered the possibility of an award winning picture. I came back from this trip with so many best shots. When I showed my pictures to my friends they would say you got some really unbelievable shots. What made the difference was the composition Ignacio help me select. I’m really looking forward to my next workshop with him.

Alan, Lofoten 2017Patagonia, Madagascar 2018

Having had the privilege of working with Ignacio on several occasions, I can tell you touring with Ignacio is something you will always remember! There are many leading photo tours these days, but none do it like Ignacio, Amazing locations? Of course, Incredible photos? You will have cards full. Loads of fun and tones of laughs? you bet! Anyone can take you to an amazing location, only a few have the knowledge to get you there at the right moment to capture incredible shots, Only Iggy delivers the Amazing Locations, The Incredible Photos in a fun and jovial way, allowing you to relax, forget your stress and enjoy each moment!

Adam WilliamsIceland, Norway and Red Centre Photography Tours

I have had the pleasure to co-lead a number of workshops with the character that is Ignacio Palacios. Ignacio works relentless during the lead up to each tour ensuring photographic opportunities are maximised, accommodation is comfortable and a variety of skills are taught. Each workshop has been jam packed full of great travel experiences with plenty of laughs along the way..... Usually at Ignacio's expense.

Luke AustinIceland&Norway 2015, Canada 2016


At IP Travel Photography, our mission is to take passionate individuals on remarkable photography journeys. Travelling to unique corners of the world in search of landscapes, wildlife and cultural experiences that will inspire remarkable images and inspire your creative legacy.

Square Camel and Shepard in the Nubra Valley Ladhak India Photography Tour by Ignacio Palacios
  • Central to every photography tour is YOU. When you travel with us, you’ll not only learn the secrets of the masters, but I’ll help take your photography skills to the next level and ensure you leave each adventure with a collection of powerful photographs that you’ll share with pride.
  • You’ll travel to extraordinary countries, enjoy exclusive access to the best locations, and journey off-the-beaten-track to discover people, places and creatures that few people get to experience in their lifetime.
  • Enjoy the peace of mind knowing each all-inclusive tour has your travel experienced covered, including your accommodation, meals, internal flights, transfers, guides, and more.
  • Each tour brings together a small, intimate group of travellers, giving you the chance to experience the powerful mastermind- effect of connecting with likeminded photographers and adventure seekers.
  • You’ll experience the best of each destination, with the help of expert guides, the best accommodation in each location, and you’ll indulge the region’s finest food.
  • Enjoy one-on-one tuition with the opportunity to learn the art of composition, working with light, the pre-visualisation process, creative storytelling and post-processing skills.
  • On selected tours, we invite some of the world’s best professional photographers to join as co-hosts. Such as Marsel van Oosten, Art Wolfe, Peter Eastway, Richard I’Anson, Ken Duncan and Hans Strand.
  • You’ll have fun! We know how to have a great time, and if you’re travelling with a non-photographer-friend they’ll have fun too!

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