About the Tour

Join an incredible photography adventure to the wildlife capital of the arctic.

Svalbard is a Norwegian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean situated north of mainland Europe about midway between continental Norway and the North Pole.

This remarkable region promises seven national parks and twenty-three nature reserves, protecting the largely untouched, yet fragile, natural environment. Approximately 60% of the archipelago is covered with glaciers, and the islands feature many mountains and fjords.

The focus on this expedition will be arctic winter light, landscape and wildlife. In April the light conditions on Svalbard are magical. The plan is to visit the western and northern areas of Spitsbergen. Usually winter trips to Svalbard are limited to snowmobiles quite close to Longyearbyen. With our expedition ship we will explore a much bigger area.


  • Over nine unforgettable days cruise the waters of Norway’s polar bear haven.
  • Photograph Svalbard’s unique wildlife.
  • From the arctic fox to the Beluga whale, the Svalbard reindeer to the bearded seal.
  • Capture enviable artic landscapes as you transform your photography skills.
  • Visit north-western coast of Spitsbergen, Smeerenburgfjorden, Raudfjorden and Liefdefjorden.
  • Photograph the striking landscapes of Kongsfjorden, Lilliehööksfjorden, Magdalenefjorden, and Prins Karls Forland celebrated for their dramatic glacier wilderness.
  • Learn remarkable photography techniques from two multi-award-winning landscape and wildlife photographers.



23rd April to 1st May 2023


Exclusively 12 guests


Single cabin with private shower USD $13,695, or

Twin cabin with shared shower USD $12,095


  • An all inclusive nine day cruise
  • All meals throughout the tour
  • All excursions  and activities
  • The best english speaking guides
  • All internal transfers
Square Artic Reindeer Svalbard Photography Tour with award-winning photographer Ignacio Palacios and Ken Duncan


  • Enjoy one-on-one tuition, guidance and expert advice from two multi-award-winning professional photographers.
  • You’ll learn my secrets to mastering the art of composition and light in your photography.
  • Explore pre-visualisation techniques and learn about the creative process.
  • Known for innovative and strong post-processing skills, I’ll share with you game-changing editing tips and tricks with special processing workshops throughout the tour.
  • Learn expert techniques for landscape photography, wildlife photography, and portrait photography. While also working on aerial, black and white, and astrophotography.
  • Should you dream of entering and winning photography competitions, or you simply wish to push yourself as a photographer, I’ll offer you professional critique sessions throughout the tour.
  • You will also experience the powerful mastermind effect of connecting with likeminded photographers and adventure seekers.
Arctic Landscape Photograph Join Ignacio Palacios and Ken Duncan on a Svalbard Photography Tour