“I believe that photography can be an instrument of change and I feel an obligation and responsibility to share what I have captured with my camera in the hope that I can not only inspire people to take better images but also to care for the environment” Ignacio Palacios

Salar de Uyuni Hexagons at Sunset an award-winning image by Ignacios Palacios

Salar de Uyuni Hexagons at Sunset

An award-winning landscape of the Salar de Uyuni in the Altiplano of Bolivia in South America.
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Seven Colours Mountain Landscape Photograph taken by award-winning photographer Ignacio Palacios

Seven Colours Mountain

Often mistaken for a watercolour, this fine art image was captured in the Bolivian Altiplano.
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An award-winning landscape photograph of Karijini Australia by Ignacio Palacios

Spa Pool Waterfall

An award-winning fine art image of the Hamersley Gorge Waterfall, Karijini National Park, Australia.
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Sand Dunes of the Gobi Desert Mongolia an award-winning image by Ignacio Palacios

The Sand Dunes of the Gobi Desert

An award-winning image taken during exceptional light conditions at sunrise at the Gobi Desert in Mongolia.
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Iceland Icehole Landscape Photograph by award winning travel photographer Ignacio Palacios

Ice Hole of Iceland

A favourite example of how blending two scenes together can create an impactful and engaging and impactful image.
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Marismas Spain Aerial Photograph Captured by professional photographer Ignacio Palacios on a photography workshop

Flock of Flamingos Spain

A completely manufactured image that I created for the 2016 Australian Professional Photography Awards.
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aerial Lençóis maranhenses, brazil

Lonely Tree

A lonely tree grows on the sand dunes at Lençóis Maranhenses
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Flos venerae (Erotic Flower)

Flos venerae (Erotic Flower), Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, Brazil
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Perito Moreno Glacier

Perito Moreno Glacier, Glaciers National Park, Argentine Patagonia
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Heartbroken, Riisitunturi National Park, Lapland, Finland
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Frozen Lake

Magical frozen Lake in South Iceland during winter
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Paine Grande

Paine Grande, Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonia, Chile
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