Young Warriors of Mursi Tribe Portrait #2


One of the most recognisable and interesting Omo Valley tribes is the Mursi, a pastoral and nomadic community occupying land between the Mago and Omo rivers. Mursi women have the choice of piercing their lips, their ears, or both. In their culture, the lip disk is considered a sign of beauty and carries an appropriate dowry of cattle when the women marry. They remove these disks when they eat or sleep. Scarification is common, with the design of small dots on the left shoulder of the men announcing their passing into adulthood.  Women have similar decorative designs and patterns across their chests and arms. By rubbing these scars with saliva the wounds heal as a raised scar and remain on their bodies for life. It is amazing to see the Mursi woman wearing a plethora of things for her jewellery.

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