“My strongest motivation is to create. I want to create beautiful images of natural subjects that can inspire others and the joy comes from sharing those incredible moments” Ignacio Palacios

taken by AIPP Master of Photography Ignacio Palacios

King Penguins of South Georgia

A fine art wildlife photograph captured at the gateway to Antarctica: South Georgia.
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Wildlife photograph of the penguins in South Georgia and Antarctica photographer by professional wildlife and travel photographer Ignacio Palacios

Penguins and Petrels of Antarctica

An award-winning image of some penguins at the edge of an iceberg.
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Wildlife Image of Penguins in South Georgia Antarctica taken by award-winning photographer Ignacio Palacios

Penguins of St. Andrews Bay

An award-winning image of a king penguin colony at St Andrews Bay, South Georgia.
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Wild jaguar of Brazil this wildlife photograph was capture by Ignacio Palacios while hosting a photography tour in Brazil

Resting Jaguar of Pantanal

A jaguar rests and poses at sunrise in the wetlands of Pantanal, in Brazil.
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Brown Bears in Battle this wildlife photograph was taken by professional travel photographer Ignacio Palacios

Dancing Bears of Kamchatka

An award-winning image taken at Kuril Lake in the Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia.
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Square Gorilla photographed in Rwanda by award-winning photographer Ignacio Palacios

Gorilla of Rwanda

Portrait of a gorilla in the Virungas Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda.
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